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About Hearts of Hope

In September 2018 we began our journey to create small family-like settings for orphans who have aged out of orphanages in southern Ukraine. Without these safe havens, orphans are plunged into an adult world at age 16, ill-prepared, without basic life skills and support systems. The statistics point to a grim future filled with drugs, prostitution, trafficking, prison, and suicide.  Our family has adopted 4 teenage orphans and hosted, in our Maine home, many others.  We ministered to these dear lonely ones from the comfort of our own home, country, church, and support system. God  led us to leave our comfort zone and go to Ukraine to help many more of these struggling young people. We are in our 4th year now. We have staff in both Ukraine and Romania and are continuing to trust in God's faithful providence to provide for our every need.


Our Homes provide:

  • Shelter, food, clothing

  • Basic Life Skills: cooking, cleaning, healthy eating, managing money

  • Basic Reading and Math skills, Academic Tutoring

  • Trade Skills: carpentry, agricultural skills, working with animals, baking, making pottery.

  • Mental health therapy

  • Discipleship: Learning about God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and about God's beautiful world.

  • Family: Having a Mama and Papa to help them to grow physically, emotionally, spiritually, and to point them to a Heavenly Father who loves them more than anybody ever could. Teaching them about living in a family, loving their sisters and brothers, and having their own families one day.

  • Church Community: We encourage each person to be a part of a faith-based community that will surround them with LOVE, God's Word, and support throughout their adult lives.

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