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Romanian Safe Haven

As of February12th, 2022 because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we moved all of our people and operations to take refuge in the central mountains of Romania. Our whole family, including the 5 orphans we care for, plus one other family (mom and 3 young sons) are here. The Romanian people have welcomed us with open arms and we are extremely thankful to God for giving us a safe place to live to continue our work.

February - June 2022, Dasha and Alex helped thousands of Ukrainian refugees cross the border into Romanian. They were at the border 15 hours a day, using their translation skills. They also helped refugees find transportation, housing, and gave them helpful information about seeking asylum in Europe. In the summer 2022 Alex and Dasha went to southern Romania to help with a Christian refugee camp where they spent time doing construction projects and translating Bible studies and church services. In October 2022 they took care of our family, in Moroeni, while Gregory and Bonnie spent time in the USA. Dasha and Alex will spend 2023 living in our home in Gorham, Maine, working, and applying for Dasha's green card. After this process, it is their intention to return to the mission field with us, either in Ukraine or Romania. Keep them in your prayers.


We are looking for ways that our "special needs" orphans Sergio, Anastasia, Nastiya, and Oksana can transition into semi-independent living. We are considering purchasing some land here in Romania and building a set of tiny houses for them and for other orphans that join our program. We are working on developing cottage industries for them so that they can work from home selling pottery, jewelry, cheese, and perhaps Romanian/Ukrainian weaved rugs. Greg built a kiln this summer so that we can start teaching the kids how to do pottery this winter. We may combine all of these ideas with an "impact tourism" slant, where people could travel to the beautiful mountains of Romania, and experience a vacation with a purpose!  Our kids would help with the cleaning, cooking, hiking, etc. to make these vacations fantastic!  People could take an amazing vacation, but at the same time, be confident that ALL the proceeds are going directly to our programs serving orphans in Ukraine and Romania. We are truly praying about what our future holds and if we should pursue this next step of settling more permanently in Romanian, as well as, keeping our foot and our hearts in Ukraine. Please pray with us about this!

We are also hoping to continue our work with the orphanage kids who came to Romania from our Ukrainian home town, Kiliya. In God's great providence He placed all of them in 3 group homes, very close to us. We will be visiting them again very soon and will bring warm clothes and Christmas gifts!

We are still providing humanitarian aide to our hometown in Ukraine. This program is run by Pastor Slava and Ruslan, our 2 trusted friends. Ruslan is caring for the refugees that are living in our home.  He helps provide food when needed, takes care of our gardens and animals. Pastor Slava does Bible studies with the refugees once a week. They also work with the poor and/or disabled people in town, by visiting them, providing food, medicines, and prayer. Many of them live alone, sometimes in cold homeless situations. We were recently able to provide coal/wood for 4 poorer families in the area. 

Please continue to pray for us as we work to spread Christ's love both in Ukraine and Romania. If you want to support our work in Romania, please designate your checks (on the memo line) or online donations (via Pay-Pal, Venmo, Donor Box) to "Romanian Safe Haven/Humanitarian Aide". Thank you! We appreciate all the donations that are coming in!!!!


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