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God's Provision

As our time at this hotel is winding down, we have been ramping up our search for a one month rental situation. Almost anything would do. Yesterday, The assistant director at Yura's trade school gave us a lead which we followed up on, but we decided to wait untill we'd seen a little more. Today, at our kid's orphanage reunion we casually mentioned to the director our need for a new place to stay. Our plan is to rent for one or two months until we find a suitable house to buy. One of our kid's former teachers overheard this and immediately offered to put us up. She is a recent widow and all of her kids are grown and gone. She has five bedrooms! Did I mention that she has FIVE bedrooms? And room for a dog..So she welcomed us into her home and treated us as if we were her family. As if by miracle the table was filled with the most delectable peaches, plums, savory pastries, mint tea from her garden, fruit bread and clotted cream, red bell peppers and cukes.

As she never mentioned a need for money, we began to wonder when we should bring up the subject. So finally toward the end of the visit we brought it up ourselves. We were met with an irrefutable and impassioned rebuff. She simply would not hear of any offer of money. She said that she was alone and would be grateful for the company. She furthermore expressed her appreciation that what we are trying to do for orphans is "of God" and was glad for an opportunity to help. She did accept our offers to help with repairs to the house, cooking, and gardening.

We are so amazed at God's provision for His widows and orphans, stray pups and kittens, not to mention unworthy servants. Thank you for being prayer warriors with us.

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