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Land of Kitties and Puppies

In the past, a certain people were led into the land of milk and honey. Apparently, we have been led into the land of kittens and puppies! And fleas!! Before we left, Bonnie told me that the hardest part of being in Ukraine was going to be resisting taking in every stray animal we saw.. we both with great solemnity and gravity resolved to support each other in this great effort. I lasted exactly 93 hours and 20 minutes.. My virtuous and principled wife persisted a strenuous 93 hours, 20 minutes, and 33 seconds. We would like to introduce to you the newest member of our family: Kossak! The Ukrainian shepherd of German heritage. Yes, he is a stray and needs a thorough bath, fleas removed, and deworming. That will happen tomorrow. How long do you think Bonnie will hold out against all the yellow tiger kittens?

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