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Meeting Up with Yura

After days and hours of moving 20 pieces of luggage in and out of planes, buses, and taxis....... up and down numerous flights of stairs and over bumpy cobblestone streets, we finally made it to our final destination, Kiliya, today. After we arrived, Greg and Alex took a walk up the street to get some supplies. As they were walking, they were talking ninja stuff about what they would do if any guys in the town accosted them. At that very moment, they saw a guy in army fatigues running full tilt straight at them. Moments before he reached Greg he realized who it was. It was Yura! He literally lept through the air like a tiny boy throwing his arms around Greg's neck!! He just hung there for the longest time..It was an amazing reunion. It was as if he could hardly believe that we had kept our promise and had actually come for him. He was like a little puppy dog, wagging his tail all over the place! He took all of us to the dorm where he is living (see photo of building) which looks like a bombed out factory. He was beaming as he introduced us as his American Mom and Dad to the woman in charge. She allowed us take him for the night to our hotel. As we were leaving the dorm, the woman in charge asked us if we were really going to waste money on these orphans. Greg replied that Jesus gave his life for us so this is the least we can do for is a joy and priveledge to care for these precious ones.

So, Yura and Alex are enjoying an evening of TV and pizza. I am so relieved that he is safe and sound. Please pray that we will be able to have him live with us soon. Also, there are 2-3 other orphans there who may be good candidates for our home. Pray for us to find long term living arrangements and a vehicle, soon! God is working mightily!

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