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Cold Rainy Days

It was one of those rainy, cold, damp, "stay inside and keep warm" kind of days. Sergio worked on teaching himself a new language, Katya worked on sewing her quilt, some of us studied theology, civics, geometry, and history for our homeschool curriculum, Nastiya G. worked on her English letters, and Nastiya T. listened to music (she is sick with a cold), Dasha jumped rope, Sophia and Anya cooked, Alex, Sergio, and Dasha helped Greg make a huge run to the dump (very bumpy ride with trailor hooked to the back of the jeep)....I cleaned the kitchen, managed to get everyone to do their chores, snuggled with Molly Gray ( our new adopted pregnant kitty)(also known as "SMELLY Cat" because she farts so much) and worked on paperwork. Now all 11 of our kiddos are in the living room having Bible Study with Pastor. It was a good day. Greg is planning to start back up on the kitchen project soon. We are in the process of ordering materials and lining up contractors. We are thankful that God has brought in enough funds to begin again! It will be wonderful to have a space where we can cook for 10-15 people and all be able sit down comfortably at the same table. We have been using a funeral table- a low table that was used to set coffins on. Yup, we were sure suprised also, when we found out!!!

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